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Nestled in the heart of the San Juans in Creede, Colorado, you will find the Silverthread Adobe Gallery Artspace on the Silver Thread Scenic Byway (U.S. Highway 149) and the Main Street Studio.

Angela Hague, Artist in ResidenceArtist-in-residence, Angela Hague, is a contemporary American painter with over 40 years in the art world. Her large vibrant canvases symbolize the constructions of nature—its patterns, rhythms, and invisible sensations intuitive but not seen by the eye. As she connects the natural forces of body, mind, and spirit with the environment, her expressive surfaces of layered color-upon-color, resonate and illuminate from within.

Angela creates for our pleasure a dynamic flow of pulsating movement that opens an insightful avenue for our own intense inner expression. Please enjoy this presentation of her collected works and share with her a Celebration of Life!

Silverthread Adobe Gallery Artspace 

SAGA 149 on the Silver Thread Scenic Byway is an artspace for workshops, art instruction and private gallery showings by schedule and appointment, and presented by Angela Hague, Artist-in-Residence. Ronald and Angela Hague have designed and constructed their home with the sole intent of unifying the natural surroundings of the landscape together with the manmade. Their multi-colored Earth Adobe sits quietly below the majestic mountain peaks of the San Juan Mountain Valley.

The abiding relationship of human beings to a particular place is the emphasis of our own personal connections to Home, Work, and a Sacred Space of Art.

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The Silverthread Adobe Gallery and Main Street Studio
are by appointment only.

For further information or a Catalog of Paintings,
Angela may be contacted in the following ways:

Mail: Angela Hague, 2355 U.S. Hwy 149, P.O. Box 40, Creede, CO 81130
Telephone: 719.658.2787   E-mail:

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